“Whenever you feel like opening a bottle of wine remember this: there are still over 5 million wines you have never seen. There are nearly 1000 grapes you have never tried yet. There are more experiences than you can imagine left to come next to a glass of wine. There are still many beautiful bottles waiting for you out there. There are so many aromas for you left to smell. And think about how many flavours you still have to enjoy… These are some of the kinds, this is MacaWines.

MacaWines comes from a land where the sun shines most of the time.
Nothing better than smelling the summer in between sips.
Feeling the sea breeze with the oak tasting in your mouth.
A country called the “food reunion country”, as we do life around a table.

The paella is the star dish, once you have tried you will want to have it every Sunday.
Jamón, such a small thing that tastes so big.
Tapas is something that is us, because we love to share in small pieces.
MacaWines is all that together, bringing the culture of Valencia to The Netherlands in a bottle size”.